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Hall of Fame: Johnny Kemp

Best known for his hit “Just Got Paid,” Johnny Kemp was one of the early personalities of the New Jack Era. His 1988 album also included a hit entitled “Birthday Suit.” By 1990, Johnny went quiet and left the music industry, but *NSync remade "Just Got Paid" for 2000's No Strings Attached.

Prior to his New Jack Era success, Johnny Kemp was a fixture on the New York R&B bands scene, along with Keith Sweat. 

"Just Got Paid" was written and composed by Johnny Kemp, Aaron Hall, Gene Griffin, and Teddy Riley.

In 2007, NJS4E held its 20th Anniversary of New Jack Swing celebration at Ashford & Simpson's Sugar Bar in New York City. Johnny Kemp (through the help of his manager and friend, DJ Kev Ski) was the featured artist and he performed and granted the site an interview.

You can view the whole occasion below:


Johnny Kemp performs "Mercy, Mercy, Me."

Johnny Kemp performs "A Mother's Song."

Johhny Kemp performs "Just Got Paid" as finale

Joe Decidal interviews Johnny Kemp - Part I

Joe Decidal interviews Johnny Kemp - Part II

DJ Kev-Ski and Johnny Kemp candid

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