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Hall of Fame: Kid N Play

Christopher Reid (Kid) and Christopher Martin (Play) made up this lighthearted, and quintessentially “new jack” hip-hop duo. Originally dancers for Salt’N’Pepa, Kid’N’Play struck out on their own thanks to their producer Hurby ‘Luv Bug’ Azor, who’d also been responsible for Salt’N’Pepa. In 1988, their album 2 Hype impressed listeners across North America, and by 1990 they were stars of a feature film, and had dolls and a Saturday morning cartoon on NBC. In 1991, they released House Party 2, which for the most part did not live up to the original. A third film entitled Class Act also failed to live up to critical (and commercial) expectations, and by the fall of 1992, the end of the New Jack Era also meant the end for Kid’N’Play as a commercial powerhouse.

In 1993, they released House Party 3, but that one fared even worse than House Party 2. Since then, Kid N Play have been extremely quiet despite attempts by several parties to reunite the group. Christopher Martin currently runs a web property called My Side On the BNZ, while Christopher Reid is a stand-up comedian residing in southern California.

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