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MC Lyte

Born October 11 1971, Mc Lyte hails from Brooklyn, NY. By the age of 12, Lyte began rapping into her career. Releasing her first single, "I Cram To Understand U," she was issued a recording contract with First Priority/Atlantic Records. In 1988, Lyte would rise and shine at the beginning of the New Jack era with her debut Lyte as a Rock, featuring highlights "Paper Thin" and the title track. A year later she would her release her sophomore LP, Eyes On This, featuring "Cha Cha Cha," and "Cappucino." However, it wasn't until 1991 that she would release her biggest album, Act Lyte You Know. Featuring the New Jack-influenced hits "When In Love," "Eyes Are The Soul," and the melancholy "Poor Georgie," producers Wolf & Epic (best known for their work - especially remixes - for BBD) helped Lyte become a household name.

By 1993, her fame with the New Jack era would fade, but it wasn't stopping her from making a hit out of her fourth album Ain't No Other. Highlights included the stunning (and Teddy Riley-produced) smash "Ruffneck." The single earned her a Grammy nomination and "gold" sales status. Three years later she would close-out the first half of the '90s in a major way with with the Jermaine Dupri-produced "Keep on Keepin On" (featuring Xscape) from the Sunset Park soundtrack, followed by the album Bad As I Wanna Be which also featured "Everyday" and perhaps her biggest hit ever, "Cold Rock a Party" (the stunning remix produced by former Uptown Records A&R Director/Exec Sean "Puff Daddy"/"P.Diddy" Combs). By 1998 she would release her sixth album, Seven and Seven. Despite her coming to the acting world, she would go silent with music. In 2001, The Very Best Of MC Lyte was in stores. Two years later she would make a comback with Da Underground Heat, Vol. 1. It was during the New Jack Era that MC Lyte emerged, and her contributions to the world of hip-hop -- particularly the female side of things (along with Queen Latifah and Salt 'N Pepa) is nothing less than stellar.

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