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New Jack Swing Hall Of Fame:

Pebbles was probably the closest thing to Karyn White’s “rival.” Also on LaFace, Pebbles was Antonio “L.A.” Reid’s wife. Her first album featured the hits “Mercedes Boy” and “Girlfriend” in 1988. Her second album featured her biggest hit, “Giving You The Benefit” in 1990, and also the title track, “Always” and the classic “Love Makes Things Happen.” Artistically speaking, Pebbles second album is an excellent place to hear the team of L.A. & Babyface, along with Kayo and Daryl Simmons making musical magic. Cameos in the album feature fellow new-jack’ers Johnny Gill and Salt’N’Pepa.

In 1991, Pebbles managed TLC, but they were wrestled away from her once she became estranged from the LaFace camp (probably because of her divorce with L.A. Reid). In 1994, she introduced the world to another group, and released an album – both were commercial disappointments.

By 1996, Pebbles had become a born-again Christian, and is now an evangelist.

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