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New Jack Swing Hall Of Fame:

Known for her earthy, big-voiced wails, this Mississippi belle started out as a dancer for Hammer's entourage in the late 1980s. He discovered she can croon, and wasted no time signing Angela Boyd to his short-lived label, Bust It Records, in 1990. Soon after, B Angie B released her self-titled lone album in the summer of '91. Her sound was urgent as displayed on the elegant remake "Sweet Thang," (remade a year later by Mary J. Blige) the polished "So Much Love" and the funky new jack reinterpretation of the Emotions' "I Don't Want To Lose Your Love." The latter became a minor hit, nearly topping the R&B charts and did considerably well for Pop.

As Hammer's popularity started to wane, so did his proteges, including Special Generation and B Angie B. She would record the title track for Kid'N'Play vehicle Class Act in early '92, but as since, faded into obscurity and has yet to record again.

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