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Father MC

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Father MC

Father MC entered the scene at Uptown Records, the epicenter of the New Jack Swing Era. He was Sean 'Puffy' Combs first project as an A&R at the label. It was 1991, and from his album Father's Day, the singles “I’ll Do 4 U,” “Treat ‘Em Like (They Want To Be Treated)”, and “Lisa Baby” were hot among urban audiences. It was also through the Father MC records that Jodeci was introduced to the urban listening audience.

In 1992, Father MC changed his name to Father. From the Close To You album, Father released two successful singles, “One Night Stand,” and his biggest hit, “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright” – with generous background vocals by Jodeci over a sample of Chic’s “Good Times.” After 1993, Father wasn’t heard from again until 1999’s No Secrets, released to little fanfare. Father MC was a charismatic participant of the New Jack Swing era, who seemed to fuse elements of Bobby Brown and Big Daddy Kane into his own work at the time.

Adding the "MC" back to his name, Father MC released an album in the spring of 2003 to modest fanfare, and is rumored to be in a new group which will emerge soon.

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