"I see myself as someone who pushes music forward by having a strong knowledge of what's gone on before me, which is the key to keeping the true elements and roots of RnB alive."

Steven "StevieSwing" Anderson
Host - Official NJS4E Radio Show

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"I want to non-format your musical mind."

- Jarrell "J-Mas" Mason

Jarrell "J-Mas" Mason
- NJS4E's "Next Rising Star" and a college student out of North Carolina, has interviewed the following luminaries of the New Jack Era:

Christopher "Play" Martin (of Kid 'n' Play)


Donnie Simpson

Carl "Groove" Martin
(of Shai)

Jerry Heller
(of Eazy-E/N.W.A. fame)

Coko of SWV

-- and has in the works --

Hakeem Abdulsahmad
(of The Boys)

Ralph Tresvant

Jordan Knight

Keith Naftaly
(KMEL/92.3 The Beat Original PD and originator of the Summer Jam Concert Series)

and many more!

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February '07: Can you believe it? We went an entire year -- 2006 -- without a new radio show. But now we're back...with an incredible backlog of shows that were meant to air earlier, but are making their debut for the first time on NJS4E this month. This is the 20th Anniversary of New Jack Swing, and the 5th Anniversary for It's time to CELEBRATE!!!


(Part 1) - HFM NJS Show - Taped 9/3/06 posted Feb/07

(Part 2) - HFM NJS Show - Taped 9/3/06 posted Feb/07

(Part 1) - HFM Smoove Grooves Show - Taped 9/05 posted Feb/07

(Part 2) - HFM Smoove Grooves Show - Taped 9/05 posted Feb/07

The Dutch NJS Show - Taped 8/30/05 posted Feb/07

(Part 1) - HFM NJS "Lost" Show - Taped 4/05 posted Feb/07

(Part 2) - HFM NJS "Lost" Show - Taped 4/05 posted Feb/07

The Next Selection 2005 MixTape - posted Feb 2007

October '05: The wait is over!!! Busy as ever, NJS4E's very own StevieSwing represents the New Jack Swing sound on the UK's HFM FM broadcast featuring an EXCLUSIVE TEDDY RILEY track that is extremely rare! Also featuring NJS4E's Jodecidal! This is a *not miss* opportunity to get closer to!!! Enjoy!

(Part 1) - HFM NJS Show - Oct '05

(Part 2) - HFM NJS Show - Oct '05

Sept '05: This is the most eclectic that StevieSwing has ever been with the NJS4E Radio Show! Featuring new cuts by Aaron Hall as well as tunes by Big Bub and the more "pop" oriented side of the movement, this fourth show originally recorded mere days before the first official NJS4E party in London is a *must listen* program! Some edgy language is featured on the first song (by UTFO) which is still essential listening. Hats off to Stevie for delivering yet another one! Click on the September "On-Air" buttons and enjoy the latest mix!

(Part 1) - Sept '05

(Part 2) - Sept '05

July '05: So much is happening at NJS4E. This month, the first *ever* NJS4E party was suggested, and a date has been set for August 13th, 2005 in the beautiful city of London, UK. We also have another party happening the very same night outside of Chicago thanks to Zeyl 10 Entertainment who will be collaborating with NJS4E. About the July radio show -- StevieSwing counts down NJS4E's Top New Jack Songs of All Time as compiled in the year 2005. So what are you waiting for? Click on the July "On-Air" buttons and enjoy!

(Part 1) - July '05

(Part 2) - July '05

June '05: We're back again, with a new show by StevieSwing, and a live NJS mix by the "Cool One" of NJS4E, the one and only DJ Freez', who's definitely got "next" as the flyest at the Message Board. Many thanks to Freez' for starting the first NJS4E Top 20 NJS songs of all time poll. Big shout out to Tim Partridge who has emerged as a forum favorite. Let's be sure to pick up a copy of Aaron Hall's new album this month, *and* to celebrate the fact that this site was mentioned in Blues 'n Soul Magazine thanks to Stevieswing!

(Part 1) - June '05

(Part 2) - June '05

DJ Freez' - Live NJS Mix June 05

April '05: I would personally like to acknowledge StevieSwing for everything he has done for NJS4E - particularly for his stunning presence at the Message Board. I consider StevieSwing not only to be a huge part of what makes this website so special, but also a dear friend across the pond in the UK. Stevie, I hope you read this knowing how much I respect you, and how thankful I am that you decided to contribute so much of yourself to the cause of NJS4E. You are truly the spirit of the NJS4E Message Board, and thanks to your presence, we have been able to gather (and keep) some of the finest and most utterly unforgettable personalities ever to grace our forums - some of which I'll shout out by name in no particular order: Dan, Mello75, Bootknockalizer, 97sbrown2, DJ Freez, Ruffmix1996, KrazyKid18, Steven Rogers, K-Bee and the list goes on and on. We survived Pimpin' Percy, we survived Bruce Wizza (for the record folks, I was not "in" on that one), and we will continue to push this movement forward. StevieSwing, thanks again!

(Part 1)

(Part 2)


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